WAKO world Championships 2017

WAKO world Championships 2017
30 Nov

We Welcomed the return of Liz and George from the WAKO World championships yesterday. Liz brought home the Bronze and they both fought brilliantly but were unlucky not to medal in all three categories. Liz losing out by a split decision and one point to both world champions and George narrowly losing to the finalist and WAKO world series champion. George also fought in the team Which reached the quarter finals also.  They did BKO and GB proud and are already gearing up for next seasons internationals. We are lucky to have such calibre people in the club. People who show the dedication, determination and commitment to compete at the best level in the world and then come back and share their experience and expertise with the rest of us.
I couldn't be more proud of them both.
I would also like to congratulate BKO France :) star Annais Vandomme fighting and gaining experience in her first World championships. Well done.


The WAKO World Championships were hosted in Hungary and it was an awesome spectacle. Looking everybit as professional as the Olympics. Plus the online streaming and results service meant you could watch and keep up with all the action during the day. An amazing achievement.

Next year is the European championship fpr the adults and the World championships for teh kids and we have a few of our members with an eye on a place in the squad.