Brownies training

Brownies training
23 Oct

We were invited to Emily and Drew's brownie troop to give a 1 hour BKO session as part of their Physical fitness badge.

We started with a small talk about kickboxing as a sport and the equipment and scoring system. Then a small warm up, Games and some basic techniques on the bags.
The Brownie girls were well behaved and attentive and enjoyed the training.  The last 15 mins we gave them gloves and allowed them to attack the bags and let off steam. All of a sudden all the girls flew into kickboxing mode and let go with  flurries of punches and kicks with energy and enthusiasm. I have never seen such a transormation. :) They  kept grabbing the gloves and coming back to the bags for another go, thoroughly enjoying the experience.

We finished with a talk about control, safety and not using anything they had learnt outside of the class and then we finished with a bow.

It was great fun.


Thanks to Emily, Charlotte, Aimee and Belinda for organising and helping out.


We are available to give talks, demonstrations and sample classes to other groups free of charge. Just contact us.

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