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Combat and Defence Martial Art - We welcome all ages and abilities

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A demanding and dynamic combat sport, great for fitness, self-defence and confidence. Disciplines include Point Fighting and Semi Contact



We have classes for all ages and abilities, from the very young with our Little Ninja's, a Beginners Academy and an International Fighting Squad.



With over 30 years experience competing at the highest levels of the sport. Focused and driven providing resulting on and off the tatami

Kickboxing - Self Defense, Fitness and Progression.

Performance - define your own success


We have classes for all ages


Adult Classes 16+, focused on fighting drills, fitness and progressive belt grading

Adult Classes

Kids Kickboxing Classes

Kids Classes 7-15, Focused on devlopment, disicpline and progressive belt grading.

Kids Classes

Little Ninja Kickboxing

Little Ninja's, under 6, working on getting them used to learning, we teach the basics through fun and play.

Little Ninjas


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A progressive club - all inclusive and devlopment focused.

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Our latest News and Events

  • Kids winter camp
    Kids winter camp
    This year we have the kids winter camp  from 27th-30th December. Get the kids up and out  after Christmas.  The camp will consist of lots of drills and sparring practice focussing on tournament work. Techniques and fitness, fun and games. Plus NERF WARS!! It will rin from 10am-1pm every day  and costs £10 per day or £32 for all for days booked before hand Message to book days This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    December 03, 2018
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  • Rob Wins European championship
    Rob Wins European championship
    We had four fighters representing Team GB in 6 categories in the WAKO European chamionships in Maribor this year. Unfortunately Liz had to drop out because she became pregnant. Kat found that her two opponents had pulled out and WAKO rules are, No fight no trophy. That left George and Rob.George had the honour of leading the flag out in the opening ceremony He faced a tricky Turkish fighter in the first round and looked to be settling in well scoring his backfist and front jab. The second round changed as his opponent caught up and in the third round it was close, but  the Turkish fighter won by 2 points. George was understandably gutted as he has all the skills and experience needed to beat this opponent who made the final. Sometimes these things happen and it is just not to be, but we take it, analyse it and move on. Rob fought an Irish opponent in his semi final fight and it was a close one. Both fighters were nervous and it took extra time to seperate them. When Rob started using his round kick and pulled away by 3 points. In the final Rob met a quick and moveable Danish fighter. Rob realxed more in this fight and his timing and reverse punch was scoring on his opponent time and again.  By the end of the fight Rob had won 13-5 and was the WAKO European Champion 2018. A great title to add to his British champions medal won earlier this year. Congratulations Rob  
    December 03, 2018
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  • Liz Ranked 1st in world
    Liz Ranked 1st in world
    Liz has taken the top spot in the WAKO world rankings in the Ladies +65kg Light contact She is also 3rd in -65kg and 9th and 10th repectively in the points categoreis This despite the fact that she has not fought for a few months due to being pregnant! Congratulations Liz on topping the world and on the birth of your child.
    December 03, 2018
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  • Cimac Superleague finals
    Cimac Superleague finals
    The Final National tournament of the year took place in High Wycombe at the Superleage finals. We took a large team and had a few in the running for grand champions. There were some great fights from all our members  Paige fought in the advanced ladies category and got a 1st, 3rd Katrina 2nd, 3rd. Charlotte 1st. Rory 1st. Robbie 2nd. Ellis 2nd. Rossi 4th. Maggie 2nd, 4th. Liam 2nd. Szymon 3rd. Andy E 2nd. Rossi 4th. Jasmine 4th. Jake 4th. Then it came time to find out who the Grand champions for  the league were and BKO had quite a few. Maggie became grand champion in 3 Categories both points and light contact. Liz. Ladies Andy E. Mens vets Rory. Mens inter Page Girls advanced Katrina Pee wee Girls Liam Boys light con Charlotte Girls advanced Then to crown the year off Charlotte was announced as fighter of the year. A great accolade.Well done team a great year competing with 270 1st 2nd and 3rd place trophies for the club .                
    December 03, 2018
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  • Little Ninjas
    Our little Ninjas class is for under 5s and has been running for a couple of years now. We have had Ninjas progress to the older class and some are now competing in tournaments.The class is based around play and games and enjoying the training with techniques and exercises. It is fun and mayhem at times, but we love it.   
    December 01, 2018
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