We train on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays with Kids and Adult classes, including Open Mat, Point sparring, Continuous sparring, fitness development, Bagwork, Grading and focus pad work.

CONTACT US to find out more details or if you are thinking of joining. Feel free to come and join us as your first training session is free. Further sessions are pay as your train.

Kickboxing classes are great for both self-defence and improving all round general fitness.

We pride ourselves on our social and friendly approach to the classes and we welcome young and old, male and female, beginners and the advanced.


  • Kids Summer camp

    The summer camp started on Monday with 3 hours training a d ay for a week. Lots of kickboxing based games and drills on the first day, plus plenty of sparring and grading work was done.

    The class was split into four coloured teams re, Blue, Green and yellow with all games and tournaments giving points to each team. A captain was nominated for each team every day who was to organise and control them.

    On the second day the sun was shining, so after a few competitions in the gym we went to the park and continued grading work and defences, then a game of Kickboxing rounders. We rutrned to the gym and had a short game of Nerf wars using the extra mats as bases and shields. It was utter mayhem but great fun.


    Wednesday saw us setting out an arena with the punchbags for various fighting games of Horses, spiders etc. then grading work and bagwork followed by a more prolonged game of Nerf wars.

    More to follow

    INerf wars


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    Congratulations to Neil, Charisse and Rob who passed their blue belts. Lots of hard work in preparation for the grading showing great skill, determination, stamina, heart and the ability to push yourselves beyond your limits. Over the last year they have been working their techniques and combinations and  had to perform them continuously on the night. Then do the same with their defences. 3 minute rounds of bagwork and pad work then 12 rounds of sparring, points and continuous with 30 seconds rest in between. It was hard but it was worth the effort. Well done.

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  • Summer camp

    Kids Summer camp 2016. Mon 25th-Friday 29th July 10am-1pm. Training, Sparring, Grading, fun and games,

    Open to all clubs and beginners

    £55 for one child, £90 for 2 children, £125 for 3 children. £15 daily bookable in advance.

    Contact me for details.


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  • Yellow belts June

    Well done new yellow belts!! Pat, Marcus, Kristie. Use your superpowers wisely!!! (Sam was there too!)

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  • Cimac world cup 2016

    We took an adult squad to this one. The cash prizes bring out some of the best fighters .
    Pat was up first in his second tournament in the beginners/intermediate section. Pat fought well and is quick coming forward with strong straight punches. His semi final went to extra time, but he eventually lost to the section winner. 3rd place.
    Dale fought in the begs/inter over 80kg section and was against a very tall more experienced fighter in the semi final. Dale used good movement and timed some nice counter reverse punches but it was difficult against the range of the more experienced fighter 3rd place. Great work form these two red belts. two competitions in two weeks both performed with a tough fighting attitude.
    Michelle fought in the intermediate ladies section and won her first bout using well timed punches. Her semi final was against a very tall fighter. Mitch moved and countered with a reverse punch that is improving all the time. Covering the kicks scoring to the body. The fight was very close and a backfist from her opponent in the final stages of the bout meant Michelle had to settle for 3rd. She then entered the advanced category and had a very close chess match of a semi final that she eventually lost 3rd place. Not content with that she entered the Open weight section fighting arguably the top fighters in the country.Michelle gave it everything, and didn't flinch from the barrage of kicks that were thrown at her, but it was a very difficult task considering the difference in experience. The best performance from Michelle so far. seeing some real development in her awareness and confidence.
    Liz also fought in the open weight section and met Gemma Upfold . Euro champion and Gb squad member Liz took the fight forward and covered her opponents strong kicks for most of the bout. Gemma managed to score a head kick and this was the difference in the scoreline as liz lost.
    In continuous Liz is showing much more control and tidiness in her techniques resulting in her scoring more during the bout She initially was down by a couple of points, but her superior fitness, power and accuracy saw her win through. In the semi final she had a quick opponent who was difficult to nail down. Liz scored some great shots however but not enough to get her a final place this time. 3rd
    Andy fought through a couple of rounds in the senior mens section. His long reverse blitz catching his opponents out all the time and his movement and speed causing problems. He lost out eventually to a leggy fighter who managed to push Andy back a couple of times and sneak the extra point. 
    Andy then entered the men's Vets section where his speed was telling in all the rounds and he eventually ended up a clear winner and received the £100 prize money.
    George fought in several senior sections and had many tough bouts today. He moved into his stride in the men's under 80kg section where his timing, speed and straight punch saw him win the section and also £100 prize money. The next section saw George facing a fast leggy opponent and although it seemed like he had control and was moving to win, he got caught with a well timed hook kick and eventually lost the bout.
    In the open weight George fought through a couple of rounds and met Chris Aston in the semi finals. It was a very close fight and after several tit for tat scores. Chris was up by a point with seconds to go. George then threw a round kick that flew forward and scored on Chris' head. Aston then recovered a point and the bout went to extra time. In the dying seconds Chris launched a bliz and George successfully countered with a side kick putting him in the final against De reece Williams.
    The two round final was a very tough fight for George. Williams is an exceptionally quick and clever fighter and George needed all his skills to score points. At the end of the 1st round the score was 8-4 to Williams. George managed to get a back a couple of points at the start of the second round, but the hard fights he had during the last hour started to tell and George's energy was sapping. This let Williams in to score more points and win the Open weight. George 2nd. George's fitness is very good and has been working hard on it, But when you have so many demanding bouts in a short space of time it is exremely tiring. However George will now increase his training as he says he must be ready for all comers in any situation.
    An excellent day for BKO. Wining against top class opponents. More importantly though is the development and improvement that is being seen in all our tournament fighters. As long as you have this then you are sewing the seeds for success in the long term and raising standards throught the club.
    Well done.

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BKO also run Six week adult introductory kickboxing course for complete beginners. All those people who have wanted to give it a go but haven't plucked up courage to walk through the door for the first time.


People of the same ability, starting at the same time so your all in the same boat. After the six weeks you will undertake a red belt grading  and will have the confidence and skills to join one of the mixed ability classes.

Courses are limited to a maximum of 16 participants and once the course has started no new participants will be allowed.


The next beginners course started on Weds 22nd June (But you can still join), Head over to the beginners course page to find out more. 


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