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A demanding and dynamic combat sport, great for fitness, self-defence and confidence. Disciplines include Point Fighting and Semi Contact



We have classes for all ages and abilities, from the very young with our Little Ninja's, a Beginners Academy and an International Fighting Squad.



With over 30 years experience competing at the highest levels of the sport. Focused and driven providing resulting on and off the tatami

Kickboxing - Self Defense, Fitness and Progression.

Performance - define your own success


We have classes for all ages


Adult Classes 16+, focused on fighting drills, fitness and progressive belt grading

Adult Classes

Kids Kickboxing Classes

Kids Classes 7-15, Focused on devlopment, disicpline and progressive belt grading.

Kids Classes

Little Ninja Kickboxing

Little Ninja's, under 6, working on getting them used to learning, we teach the basics through fun and play.

Little Ninjas


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A progressive club - all inclusive and devlopment focused.

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  • WAKO British Championships 2018
    WAKO British Championships 2018
    We  took a team of 10  to the WAKO British Championships in Birmingham this year. On Saturday it was the light continuous sections and Maggie was up firs. She gave a great account of herself and narrowly lost in the final. Maggie is improving at a great rate because of her light con  training and it's helping her points fighting as well. Ollie from Sweden had two greulling fights and was unlucky in the semi finals not to progress. He hit his opponent with hard shots and took the fight to him, but  a split decision gave it to teh other guy. Bronze for Ollie. Neil was up next and despite some good strong punching and movement in the second round he was hit by his opponents long side kicks and this took the fight away from  him. Bronze for Jeppo.Saturday was a very long day at this tournament and we didn't get home till midnight, but we were up and ready to go again the next day. Another long drive to Birminham.Liz  and Kat showed their strength  and carachter when they met in the final of the light con vets. A great tactical fight eventually went to Liz. British Champion.It was points fighting today. Maggie excelled at this and won her section after 10 clearing one opponent and stopping another in the final. British Champion for Maggs.Rob Payne had some tough fights, but showed his heart, spirit and composure by winning the final and becoming our 3rd British champion of the weekend. Liz then steped up in points and won her first section. then once again met Kat in the final. A very close fight with Liz eventually winning by 2 points.In the lower weigh Liz met Sharon Gill in the final and gave a great account of herself against one of the sports legendary points fighters. This time Liz had to settle for Silver.Andy Evans fought through to the semi finals and met a world  champion.. He was unlucky not to score with his side kicks, but a great learning experience. Rob Read made areturn to tournament sparring after an 18 year lay off!!! He was strong and moving well, but just needs to shake off some of the rust and this will be his title in the future. George was up finally and dominated some very good fighters. the final of the -84kg category was  a hard bout against a good opponent with a strong, long side kick. George moved and dominated and finished British Champion. In the -79. George once again had tough fights and his energy was dropping when he reached the final. In the second round George's opponent ducked his head low and George threw an uppercut which connected hard and broke the nose. It wasn't maliciouly done, but the judges deemed it to be excessive conact and disqualified George so he had to settle for silverPaige also fought a great fight against a strong and experienced opponent. She improves with every tournament .Charlotte…
    March 06, 2018
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  • Junior beginners Kickboxing course
    Junior beginners Kickboxing course
    6 week introductory course for juniors 5-12 years at Basingstoke Kickboxing Organisation. The Gallery, Moniton trading estate, West ham lane, Basingstoke Rg22 5 EE.Starts Tuesday 27th March 5-6pmIncludes other BKO kids classes free for the duration of the course.The reasons for your child to start martial arts are endless. From discipline to gaining confidence. From losing weight to building strength and fitness We are an incredibly close team that travel around Europe competing. Your child's journey can start by signing up.
    March 06, 2018
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  • Hands down Chessington Feb 2018
    Hands down Chessington Feb 2018
    Results from today at Chessington.Jake 2ndRobert 4thGeorge T. 3rdEmily 1stBelle 2ndJasmine 1stCharlotte 1stMaggie 1st, 2nd light con.Paige 1st, 1stKatrina 3rdEllis 2ndBen 1stNick 4thAndy 2ndLiz 1st, 1st, 2nd.Mitch 2nd, 4thCallum and Sam fought well but no place this time. Well done all.
    February 28, 2018
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  • Watford Open 2018
    Watford Open 2018
    Results from a loooong day at the Watford open. Not bad seeing as a lot of us are moving up the levels, weights grades etc. Well done BKO. Proud as usual.Katrina 1stCurtis 1st, 3rdMaggie 1st, 2ndJasmine 2ndBelle 3rdAdam 3rdAndy E 3rdNicole 3rdMitch 3rd, 3rdLiz 2nd, 3rd, 3rdCharlie 3rdGeorge 2nd.Jamie, Charlotte, George, Mark, Nick, Paige and Ellis had some great and close fights, but no trophy today Improving all the time people.         
    February 28, 2018
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  • BKO kids tournament January 20187
    BKO kids tournament January 20187
    Thanks for everyone's help with the tournament today. Michelle, Andy, Tony and Paige were great on the tables and reffing as were all the kids and adults who helped out putting on pads and looking after the kids. Thanks to the parents who supported the kids and of course the fighters themselves. We will be running this as a series of 4 tournaments with prizes at the end for champions.     
    February 28, 2018
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